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Based in Southampton Hampshire

Currently taking bookings for sustainable weddings in 2020, we offer a niche service to clients who care about their world and the people in it. We know you already know what you like so come and tell us and we can work together to make your dream day come true. 

With a passion for ethical fashion design, we offer a service that includes bespoke, made to measure dressmaking, tailoring and of course alterations. 

If you prefer to opt for style and comfort, rather than what's on trend and a squeezed midriff, then we're here to help.   Whether you require a wedding dress design service or alterations to a new or vintage garment, don't hesitate get in touch!

Whether male, or female, whatever your age, height, size/shape, Conscientiously Fashioned can help with any fashion dilemma.

Suzie - Founder

Suzie founded Conscientiously Fashioned in 2009 when, like so many of us, she couldn’t find anything to wear for a special occasion.

With a life long passion for sewing, Suzie graduated as a mature student in 2014.  With expertise in previous roles that raised awareness about sustainable development and reducing environmental impact, it's no surprise that Suzie's creative approach takes inspiration from nature's colour palette and landscapes. This synergy results in unique textile prints, garments and accessories.

After collaborating with Stephen Turner, an environmental artist, on his Exbury Egg Project  (as featured on Ch.4 George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces), and in the wake of the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh, it became crucial for Suzie that Conscientiously Fashioned should follow a sustainable business model. 

Working from a home/office studio, clients will find a welcoming environment to discuss commissions and come for fittings. Suzie is a regular follower of the Ethical Fashion Forum; now Common Objective, Labour Behind the Label, the Women’s Environmental Network and the Centre for Sustainable Fashion.  Her education work continues to focus on raising awareness.

Our Services:

The way we choose to dress each day is a personal decision, based on a variety of influencers such as the weather/season, proposed activity and mood, not just what’s on trend or fashionable. 

Services include: Bespoke, made to measure bridal design, dressmaking and accessories. Ethical knitwear design. Unique print design.  Tailoring.  Alterations.

We can also work with you on re-fashioning an heirloom or up-cycling projects, alterations and accessories. See the 'gallery' for more examples of Suzie's portfolio. For further information on Suzie's involvement in raising awareness, see 'Education' below.

If you would like to commission a bespoke garment, please see below for information on process and how to make contact.

The advantages of choosing Conscientiously Fashioned ..

Initial free consultation

You get to participate in your very own design e.g. choosing fabric, a silhouette and colour that suits you.

Share your 'theme' with us and incorporate a personalised print design for that very special day.

You will work with us to perfect your design. You have the final say.

We have an established supply chain
offering a wide choice of sustainable and fair trade fabrics and we are continually discovering new suppliers through our networking.

Your garment will be tailored to fit you - whatever your size, height or shape.

There is something special about having a bespoke garment made for you. Your outfit will be unique, stylish and comfortable. We do not copy!

Design and Production

Suzie specialises as a bespoke, made to measure wedding dress designer based in Southampton, Hampshire.  All orders are designed and made in a home studio, using quality sustainable textiles from a vetted supply chain.  With experience and expertise in eco fashion design, unique prints, tailoring and alterations, Suzie's focus is reducing environmental impact wherever possible and sourcing ethically.  It's never easy to dress for the 'season' in the UK's climate and design can play a key role in the creation of practical, affordable unique garments.  We take inspiration from nature when designing prints, and these are produced in the South East of England with a trusted supplier.  We love to develop silhouettes with client participation, so we have you covered for special occasions: Bride, bridesmaid, mother of the bride, cruises/holidays, work and play.  Designs use feminine pattern cutting techniques that flatter all shapes and sizes.  Many of our clients are men and we also make for children of course.  See the gallery.


Conscientiously Fashioned has developed an education pack linked to the UK’s National Curriculum 2014. Various partners with expertise in higher education and a major international charity are being approached to work with Conscientiously Fashioned to further develop this tool as a free download to schools, colleges and youth clubs.

Research indicates that young people (especially), with an improved awareness of potential career paths in the ‘green industry’, will help to bring about a change in consumer behaviour, lifestyle choices and hence a healthier world to live in.

Stephen Turner's Exbury Egg Project was inspirational in developing the Conscientiously Fashioned Education Pack : click here for further information about the collaboration.

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